Lightbar Spotter's Guide

For Scale Model Emergency Vehicles

The site was created upon suggestion in the Scale Central Forum. Several members thought it would be a good idea to see the full-size real life photos of the lightbars we use in creating scale model emergency vehicles. Scale Central is a Members Only Forum in the Yahoo! Groups dedicated to modelers who specialize in the creation of scale law enforcement, fire apparatus, and ambulance models.

Legal Stuff - The logos contained in this site are property to their respective companies and are used to link to the company's respective websites. All photos contained in the examples are property of the webmaster or are used with permission of the photographer, and proper credit given. The photos are to be used for informational, research, and educational purposes only. They are NOT to be uploaded to any other websites, or used for any other purpose without expressed written consent of the webmaster. Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but I keep finding my photos on random police photos sites with other people taking credit for my work.

How to Use - Simply click on the lightbar name to see a photo(s) of the lightbar. Simple Enough -- ENJOY!!!

  • Aerodynic
  • Aerodynic All Light
  • Argent S2 - COMING SOON
  • Jetsonic
  • Jetstream
  • Mini Jetstream -- COMING SOON
  • Jetstrobe
  • Legend - COMING SOON
  • Raydian SL - COMING SOON
  • Streethawk
  • Streethawk All Light
  • Twinsonic
  • Vector
  • Vision
  • Vision SL - COMING SOON
  • 3-Pod Vision
  • Vista Halogen
  • Vista SL - COMING SOON
  • Vista Strobe -- COMING SOON

  • 2100 - COMING SOON
  • Code 360
  • Excalibur -- COMING SOON
  • Force 4XL -- COMING SOON
  • Intensity
  • Javelin - COMING SOON
  • LP6000 (aka) Force 4LP -- COMING SOON
  • MX 7000
  • MX 7000 All Light
  • MX 7000 Strobe -- COMING SOON
  • RX 2700 - COMING SOON
  • TX 2500 - COMING SOON
  • XF2300 - COMING SOON

    Signal Vehicle Products (SVP) was recently bought out by Star Lantern & Headlight Co.

  • Aerostar
  • Interceptor - COMING SOON
  • Razor - COMING SOON
  • Sabre - COMING SOON
  • Starbar - COMING SOON

  • Centurion Series 360 -- COMING SOON
  • Mini Edge
  • Mini Edge 9004
  • Edge 9004
  • Edge 9908
  • Edge E-Link
  • Edge Ultra Freedon - COMING SOON
  • FastTrax Vehicle Systems -- COMING SOON
  • Highway Series - COMING SOON
  • Independence/Delta Series - COMING SOON
  • LFL Liberty - COMING SOON
  • Justice JC/JV - COMING SOON

  • Galaxy - COMING SOON
  • 911EP - COMING SOON Yankee-Dietz -- Long Out of Business

  • Yankee-Dietz Rotater Bar --

    Popular in the NE, was major competior with Whelen in the late 70's/Early 80's.

    Smith & Wesson -- No Longer Produces Lightbars
  • Smith & Wesson Bar -- Very Popular in the 80's in the West.

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