Code 3 MX7000

The Code 3 MX7000 was introduced in the early-90's as Code 3's answer to a modern, aerodynamic, multi-level lightbar. A center mounted siren area, with halogen rotators on the top level and a variety of options on the lower level including flashers fore and aft, takedowns, alley lights, and the MX7000 was the first lightbar released with intersection sweeps. These "interesection clearing lights" are mounted on a 45 degree oscilation pattern that allows a bright white light to flash directly into traffic approaching from a cross street. This was done in demand for more and more demands to make emergency vehicles more visible and decrease accidents between responders and civilians. The MX7000 is also available with an intergrated rear facing ArrowStik.

Grafton, Ohio Police Department

1996 Ford Crown Victoria

Photo by the webmaster

Brooklyn Heights, Ohio Police Department

2000 Ford Police Interceptor

Photo by the webmaster

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