Federal Signal Streethawk

The Federal Signal Streethawk was the Federal Signal's first "multi-level" lightbar. Previously takedowns, rear flashers, alley lights, etc were either mounted inside the lightbar, or added on afterwards. The Streethawk is a "two level" lightbar the halogen flashers (it is also available in a very rare strobe version)are on the upper level. The takedowns, alley lights, and rear-facing flasher are mounted on the "lower" level (in this case they are mounted into the lightbar's base). The Streethawk in this form also has a center mounted siren, although as time has gone on, behind the grill mounted sirens have become increasingly popular as lightbars have gotten smaller and more aerodynamic. Also it reduces the parabolic distortion created from long term siren use -- basically with a roof mounted siren you end up only hearing the high and low tones of the siren, and creates a situation where you loose perspective of your speed and orientation.

Middlesex Township, Pennsylvania Police Department

1997 Ford Crown Victoria

Photo by the webmaster

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