Federal Signal Vision

The Federal Signal Vision lightbar is one half of a unique set of twins. The Vision is marketed as the "Premium" lightbar, this version of the unique "V-Pattern" lightbar is equipped with a micro-processing "brain", that allows everyone one of the seven individual "pods" to be controlled independently. This lightbar suffered from early production problems that caused the computer control to short out, or in extreme cold temperatures the pods would freeze up. These problems aside every single light can be set-up to flash either forward or rearward, oscilate to the front or rear, and just plain ole' rotate. The individual pods allowed a greater flexibility with colors, as each pod can be colored, clear, half-filtered, and filtered two different colors in the same pod. A rear facing ArrowStik is available as well. Only a few police departments use this particular lightbar, as it's a great deal more expensive than it's twin the Vector, which we'll cover later. Pennsylvania State Police & NYPD are the major buyers at this time.

California Highway Patrol

1994 Ford Crown Victoria

Photo by Ofc Tony Zelijnak San Diego PD

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