After much consideration I will doing a "soft closure" of the website effective immediately. This is not a full closure or the end of the website by any means. But it will allow me the time to go through and do a full inventory of the existing site and finally fix the many dead links and odd hodge-podge nature of the site where some pages haven't been touched in 10 years or more. Listed below will be two live links to the website. One will be the site as it stands "fixed" and will only have live links to the parts of the site that are up to date with this overhaul. The other will be a live link to the existing website so that if you're a new or returning visitor who just likes to surf around the website and look at the old photographs you will still have that ability. Once the overhaul to the site is done, this notice will go away and there will just be the live website. This overhaul will also allow updating of the website in a far more effective manner.

We have a MAJOR event coming up in the Spring of 2023 with our 20th Anniversary. The goal is to have this rebuild done before or by the time that anniversary arrives. Thank you to everyone for your years of support.

Current Live Website - This version is the full current site.

Fixed Website - This reflects the website content of the overhaul.

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