Code 3 Code 360

The Code 3 Code 360 in the newest development from Code 3. This lightbar is a development of the Code 3 MX7000 (covered elsewhere), it adds "wings" to the front of each side of the basic MX7000 design. This allows better light dispersal at the critical 45, 90 & 180 degree angles. As lightbar innovations have increased over the past decade more focus has been added to increased visability to the sides and front 45 degree angles in an effort to decrease the number of emergency vehicle related accidents in situations involving intersections. Like the Code 3 MX7000 it is a multi-level lightbar with halogen rotators on the "upper" level, and your choice of a multitude of options including flashers, takedowns, alley lights, and intersection sweepers.

Heath, Ohio Police Department

2001 Dodge Durango

Photo by the webmaster

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