Tomar NEOBE 960 HELIOBE Strobe Series

The Tomar NEOBE 960 HELIOBE Series is a revolutionary new strobe lightbar. Introduced in the late-90's, Tomar has created a new strobe technology known as NEOBE which is substantially brighter and "purer light" than traditional Xenon Strobes such as those used by Code 3, Federal Signal or Whelen. The 960 Heliobe Series also applies a "never-dark" technology that uses a random flash pattern that assures that at all times there is at least 1 strobe unit firing. The Heliobe Series also employs a unique system that each part of the lightbar is functionally seperate from the rest of the lightbar, that meaning the lightbar can operate even with pieces of it missing.

Columbus, Ohio Police Department

1999 Chevrolet Express 2500 -- Prisoner Transport

Photo by the webmaster

Grandview Heights, Ohio Police Department

2000 Ford Police Interceptor

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Bethel Park Township, Pennsylvania Police Department

1998 Ford Crown Victoria

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